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Transmission Power Line Infrared (IR) Inspections

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High voltage post or High voltage tower.
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ITI offers power line inspection services from residential power grids to transmission and distribution systems. 

We utilize aerial technology in the form of thermal drones (UAV) to cover large areas in shorter amounts of time. We are advocates of using thermal drones instead of helicopters unless the terrain is mostly inaccessible or the length of the lines being surveyed justify the expense of the helicopter. 

A few benefits of deploying thermal drones for these inspections are:

  • Low cost relative to other aerial approaches

  • High quality data - our drones are equipped with the highest quality infrared imaging systems available to the public.

  • Safety - the drone allows the operator to complete the inspection from a safe distance.

  • Distance - we are able to cover miles of line quickly with only moving the base station every 5 miles of line surveyed.

With years of experience and training in the manufacturing, construction, and maintenance of high voltage power lines and systems, we can confidently inspect any powerline system.

To enquire more about our Transmission Power Line Infrared (IR) Inspections or receive a quote CLICK HERE.


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