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How is Infrared Thermography Used for a Solar Panel Inspection?

Thermal scans are used for solar panel and solar field inspections by easily identifying areas with faults. When a solar system has an issue, typically it rejects the solar energy rather than absorbing it. This is easily identified with our FLIR thermal imaging system and thermal drones.

Do You Use a Thermal Drone for Infrared Inspections on Solar Panels?

A thermal drone will give us the best point of view and the ability to accurately inspect large amounts of solar panels at the same time. A ground crew will then be directed to the fault areas to do more in depth inspection and analysis with handheld thermal imaging equipment.

How Accurate Is the Thermal Imaging Survey on Solar Panels?

Thermal scans on solar panels are very accurate. We can accurately and confidently pinpoint single cell issues.

How Often Are Problems Found Within Solar Panel Systems?

Solar Panel Systems are prone to having issues that can easily go undetected without regular thermal scan and thermal survey. They are always subject to the environment and weather. Within large solar systems, a minor amount of energy not being generated can be substantial.

How Often Should an Infrared Inspection Be Conducted on a Solar Panel System?

Depending on the location and size of the system, ITI recommends semi-annually or annually. The data proves that with regular thermal scans and issues addressed promptly, the savings are abundant.

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