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What Is Aerial Thermography Used For?

Aerial thermography is done by drone, helicopter, or airplane. It gives us the ability to survey large areas in a short amount of time. 

Why Should You Use Aerial Infrared Testing?

Drone inspection services can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to perform a thermal scan on a building or roof. The angle achieved from an aerial perspective provides the best results in determining true issues within the systems. 

What Type of Equipment Do You Use to Do Aerial Inspections?

ITI has several thermal imaging drones that are all equipped with the highest quality FLIR thermal imaging systems available to the public. 

Do You Use A Drone for Thermal Roof Inspections?

We believe the best method for roof moisture scans and roof defect scans is to use a thermal drone when possible and follow up with an on-roof thermal scan. The thermal drone can cover large areas of roof effectively and efficiently thus reducing the time spent on site and the overall cost of a roof scan.

Do You Use A Drone for Building Inspections?

We only use drone inspection services for a building inspection when it is necessary. For instance, if the building is several stories tall, rather than spending the money and time to set up a swing stage or other elevation device, we will deploy a thermal drone that will achieve the best results and is overall the safest method.

Do You Use A Drone for Electrical Inspections?

The only time we use drone inspection services for electrical applications are when we survey power company equipment and power stations, and transmission lines or power lines, and solar fields. A thermal drone will provide distance between the thermographer and the high voltage equipment creating a safe environment. 

Do You Need A License to Use A Drone?

The FAA requires a commercial operator license and to follow within the guidelines of Part 107. ITI’s drone pilots are certified and go beyond to make sure that there are no avoidable incidents. We regularly fly and practice strategy and scenarios to ensure that our pilot skills stay sharp.

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