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Insulated roofing systems are widespread through the world for many larger buildings. These roofs, new and old, are subject to sunlight and weather every second of their lives. The degrading of the roof system is inevitable over time but with proper upkeep and inspecting, they can last well beyond their warranted lifetimes. Moisture is the biggest enemy to an insulated roof. Once a void or defect in the roof allows moisture in, it is almost always trapped within the insulation. 

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Moisture trapped within an insulated roofing system can cause several issues:


  • It will reduce the R-value of the insulation increasing energy costs.

  • HVAC equipment will work harder to make up for the energy loss therefore lowering the lifespan of the HVAC system components.

  • Trapped moisture will expand as it heats and cause blisters in the roof system.

  • Moisture vapor can escape through the interior envelope condensing and creating moisture damage within.

  • The roof deck will degrade over time especially in larger areas that have moisture present. This can compromise the strength and integrity of the roof system and make it more susceptible to damage from high winds.

With our infrared equipment and techniques, we are able to identify areas of moisture within the roofing system and lead the roofing contractor to the exact areas for insulation removal and repair. 

Using infrared to detect moisture within the roof system is by far the superior non-destructive method of testing. 

We offer Roof Inspections by air and on-roof. We advocate using both methods as it is the best to determine true and accurate issues. 

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