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ITI was established in 2001 and has provided infrared (IR) services to industry and facilities across the United States. We are a small private company located in popular tourist destination Destin, Florida. We are a core group of family-oriented fathers that believe quality, efficiency, and safety are the key components to success in any industry. These components combined have led us to develop equipment that allows us to inspect with less time and risk meaning that we are able to save the customer costs yet, most importantly, we all return home to our families at the end of the job. Life to us is not about making a million dollars. It is about family, health, and the pursuit of knowledge.



I am a certified infrared thermographer with a life-long background in electrical systems and extensive education in building science. I have used infrared for over 10 years in these fields. I also have training and experience in vibration analysis, energy efficiency, and moisture intrusion. I am a hobbyist inventor, welder, and fabricator in my spare time as well as a U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain. As my daughter approaches her first full year of life, safety is my top priority. I have attended several safety classes and make this mandatory in my operation. I want to make sure that everyone goes home from the job the same way they came.



Cody has performed infrared inspections and surveys at numerous health and industrial facilities. He attended college at University of West Florida and has experience and knowledge in construction, building envelope, maintenance, energy, and computer science. Cody is a husband, father, and U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain. Cody’s skills and ability to adapt and overcome through out of the box thinking and innovation have been an integral part of the growth of ITI.



Infrared Analyst & Marketing Manager – Sean attended college at the University of North Florida for business and has extensive knowledge of infrared technology, roofing structure and components, and computer science. Sean partnered with ITI during the incorporation of aerial infrared tactics and has provided key parts to its success.

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