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-    ITI has incorporated high quality UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drones combined with high resolution FLIR infrared imaging equipment for aerial surveying and inspecting. We are expert UAV pilots and are certified to commercially operate this equipment and do so with safety being the top priority.

    -    Roof Inspections

Aerial inspecting and surveying of roofs reduces costs of inspection by 25% and time by 40%. Our aerial infrared imaging platform can cover large areas in a short time with extremely detailed data.

    -    Building Envelope Inspections

Aerial infrared applied to the building envelope can greatly reduce costs by removing the need for lift devices such as swing stages and allowing inspection of a large area in a short time. 

    -    Power Station & Power Line Inspections

Power stations can be dangerous areas to work inside of. Aerial infrared imaging removes the risk of physically being close to high voltage equipment while maintaining the detail and accuracy.

Power lines can be inspected accurately in 25% of the time required by ground inspections. 

    -    Solar Field & Solar Panel Inspections

When a solar panel has an issue it can easily be identified by its heat. Using infrared imaging to inspect solar panels has been proven to be the best method of finding solar panels with problems.

Using an aerial platform we are able to inspect large areas in a very small amount of time and have the ground crew provide close up detailed analysis for the repair of the systems. 

    -    Tower Inspections
    -    Pipeline Inspections
    -    Fire Fighting Aid
    -    Search and Rescue

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