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How Is Infrared Thermography Used for a Roof Inspection?

Thermal testing is the most efficient on flat roof construction. It is used to easily locate moisture within the insulation or trapped under the membrane. It is also used to locate defects within the roofing components. We are certified roof leak specialist.

How Does Moisture Get into the Roof?

Water intrusion into roof systems occurs when moisture penetrates the waterproofing membrane by poor seals around penetrations, physical damage (tears and cuts), improperly installed or failed flashings and caps.

What Happens When Moisture Gets into the Roof System?

Moisture that passes the waterproofing membrane through a void will become trapped beneath the membrane in the insulation materials.

Why is Trapped Moisture in a Roof System Bad?

First, the R Value of the insulation is reduced. This creates an energy efficiency issue by requiring more energy to cool or heat the building therefore making the HVAC system work harder and reducing the lifespan of its components.

Second, dependent on the type of roof deck beneath, a concrete deck can absorb moisture, a wood deck will rot over time, and a metal deck can rust over time. All of these have the potential to weaken the entire roofing system structurally and eventually present visible moisture intrusion inside of the building.

How Does Infrared Imaging Detect Moisture Within the Roof System?

Moisture that has entered the roof system and saturated its insulation will contain more mass than the dry insulation. There are certain time windows, dependent upon weather conditions, that the sun will set or become shaded enough to allow the roof to cool down. The wet insulation will retain the heat it absorbed throughout the day. During this time window, the moisture is visible through a thermal imaging system.

Are You Certain That What You Are Finding is Moisture?

We are infrared thermal specialists as well as roof leak specialists and we have studied thermal patterns of water beneath roofing membranes for over a decade. We back up the readings that we find with the thermal scan with a non-destructive moisture meter. From there it is up to the roof contractor or consultant to determine the final confirmation with a form of destructive testing.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

Roof Inspection costs can vary due to location, accessibility, manpower required, and square footage. Our customers have considered us to be the best priced and best quality product available today.

Do You Have to Be on the Roof to do the Inspection?

We believe the best method for accurate results involves aerial thermal surveying with a thermal drone followed up by an on-roof inspection. In some cases, we are not able to access the roof in which we will conduct the entire thermal roof inspection from the ground. In other cases, we are not able to utilize a thermal drone and must do the entire roof inspection from on the roof.

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