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How Is Infrared Thermography Used in Mechanical Inspections?

Most mechanical issues will develop heat as they worsen with time. Through proper training and analysis, infrared imaging and thermal scans can identify several different issues within mechanical applications.

What Mechanical Applications Benefit from Infrared Testing?

ITI performs thermal surveys and analysis on a wide variety of mechanical applications such as Industrial Motors, Couplings, Bearings, Gearboxes, Belt Drives, Turbines, Boilers, Steam Traps and Steam Systems, Pumps, and Air Compressors. Any mechanical application truthfully can benefit from infrared testing.

Are Infrared Inspections on Mechanical Equipment Safe?

Yes. We are trained and experienced within all industrial fields and understand where the safe zones are. With infrared imaging and surveying being non-invasive and non-destructive, we can find issues without putting anyone in dangerous areas.

What Can You See in Motors using Infrared Imaging?

A thermal inspection on a motor can show several different issues with the ability to pinpoint the problem. A few examples are phase issues, bearings, couplings, shafts, belts, u-joints, alignment issues, overloading, and lubrication issues.

How Does Infrared Testing Work with Steam Systems and Steam Traps?

Steam traps are constantly subject to heat and moisture (two largest known deteriorators). Thermal inspection of the steam system can show steam traps stuck in the open or closed positions, condensate issues, heat exchanger issues, and piping issues.


What Are the Benefits of Thermal Inspections on Mechanical Equipment?

Infrared Inspections of mechanical equipment can easily pinpoint problems. This reduces downtime, equipment damage, catastrophic failure and repair prioritization.

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