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Electrical Switchgear Infrared (IR) Inspection

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Infrared technology has been used for decades to safely and efficiently find electrical deficiencies such as:

  • Overloaded systems or circuits

  • Loose connections 

  • Damaged components

  • Open circuits

  • Load imbalances

  • Harmonic current issues

  • Transformer winding issues

  • Defective components within circuit breakers

  • Improperly installed equipment

  • Improper fuses

  • Improper heaters within motor starters


Most electrical components will display a form of resistance when an issue begins to arise. This resistance cannot be seen with the naked eye though can be easily found and diagnosed with infrared equipment.


In several situations, we find that a single part of a system may be replaced or repaired rather than replacing the entire system.


ITI can mold a survey to your needs though we typically survey every piece of electrical equipment and switchgear within the entire facility.

Infrared inspections on electrical equipment and electrical switchgear have major benefits such as:

  • Repair costs are reduced by pinpointing problematic areas and providing a diagnosis that allows a technician to repair specific parts

  • Increased lifespan of equipment

  • Reduced energy costs 

  • It is non-invasive which means the risks are lowered

  • Problems are found before they become catastrophic

  • Unexpected failures and down time are reduced

  • No interruption of service as it is preferred that all components are under normal or full load.

  • Insurance costs are reduced

Infrared thermal imaging is typically a non-invasive form of testing. This is vital in the electrical industry as the consequences of a high voltage incident can be life threatening.


ITI considers safety as a top priority in everything we do. We follow current codes, rules, and guidelines by wearing proper PPE and advise anyone assisting us or working near us to do the same.

To inquire about an infrared electrical inspection or receive a quote CLICK HERE.

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