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Solar Panel & Solar Field Infrared (IR) Inspections

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technician checks the maintenance of the

Infrared inspections on roof mounted solar panels and ground mounted systems have proven to be a true necessity in the solar energy industry.

In the solar energy industry, a large amount of panels with defects or faults can go unnoticed and become costly in lost energy and maintenance. Regular infrared inspections provide maintenance teams with specific plans for repair and keep the system at its full potential.

We offer aerial services as well as on ground infrared inspections and analysis.

Infrared inspections of solar systems can quickly and accurately identify:

  • Defective cells from single cells to large areas

  • Broken glass and casings

  • Overloaded circuits

  • Imbalanced loads

  • Polarity issues

  • Defects in switchgear

  • Wiring issues

To enquire more about our Solar Panel and Solar Field Infrared (IR) Inspection services CLICK HERE.

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